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Hydrogen and Clean Technology

Australia has a land area of 7.69 million km2 with abundant renewable energy resources such as wind and solar. To leverage the value of these natural resources and fulfil the world's growing demand for clean energy, Australia has set up its national strategy to support clean energy production.

  • Australia is one of the top three exporters of hydrogen to Asian markets.
  • Australia has an excellent hydrogen-related safety track record
  • hydrogen is providing economic benefits and jobs in Australia
  • Australia has a ccepted , provenance certification scheme in place
A global transformation of the energy sector is underway.

The future energy must be clean, storable, mobile, and safe, while hydrogen is the perfect form of energy that meets all these requirements. When being used as a fuel, hydrogen produces no carbon emissions, but only water. It can be safely used in a broad range of applications. Australia is well-placed to make hydrogen its next big export. It has all the natural resources needed to produce it, a track record in building large-scale energy industries and a reputation as a proven partner to Asia's biggest energy importers.

Hydrogen Industry Chain

CCT introduces the latest and cost-effective hydrogen production and other relevant clean technology equipment. We are engaged in producing hydrogen as well as its storage, transportation and utilisation to finally establish a business of a hydrogen chain in Australia.